Useful Tips For Gutter Cleaning

If more facilities managers and building owners know the right ways to clean their gutters, there might be fewer deaths, injuries, and property damage. While this can be a necessary task, failing to heed caution might result in some accidents. To help you with that, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind.

Use a ladder safely

It is important to use a sturdy and safe ladder which is strong enough to accommodate at least 5 gallons of debris. For a single-story building, a 4-legged is ideal, while an extension ladder should be used for taller facilities. It is not recommended to use an orchard ladder since they might get unbalanced easily with only three legs

Utilise the garden hose

It is advisable to use a garden hose that has a pistol-grip spray nozzle. This will allow you to change the pressure of water with only one hand. Also, it could be hung easily the gutter’s front edge while you are using a scoop or moving your ladder. You could purchase this kind of spray nozzle at any hardware stores.

Purchase a gutter scoop

One of the best ways to clean the gutters is to scoop out the leaves and debris. To do this, you need to have a plastic scoop, which could be bought at any hardware stores. It is unique since the front part is very thin to make it easier to collect debris of any size. Avoid using a metal model as it can damage and scratch your gutters.

Protect your hand

Always wear a durable pair of gloves to keep your hands protected against rotting, dirty debris which usually contains droppings of squirrel, pigeon, and bird which are full of harmful bacteria. Also, it can help you safe from cuts from metal shards of ragged, old gutters. Avoid cotton gloves since they could soak dirty water which exposes your skin to bacteria. Leather gloves aren’t as manoeuvrable and can shrivel up easily when they get dry. A thick, suede material is highly recommended.

Protect the eyes

It is extremely important to protect your eyes since you won’t know what would fly out of your downspouts when cleaning the gutters. During the process, you might experience bees, wasps, frogs, birds, or rats running or flying at high speeds when you begin to remove clogs. And an eye injury is what you might want to stay away at all cases.

Be careful with power lines

When cleaning the gutters which are around the power line cables, make sure to inspect the cables in advance. This will make sure that protective insulation has not rubbed off over time due to trees and weather. If you notice any damage, avoid repairing. Instead, it is better to call a professional electrician ( to deal with it. Do not try to clean the gutters when it is raining because water is known as a dangerous electricity conductor.